Looking at this beautiful family pictured above, can you guess the main reason I love summer sessions?

Did you notice that big, joyful, orangey orb behind this family that's bathing them in golden goodness?

Hard to miss, eh? Which leads me to...

Reason #1 The Sun

Yeah, I love summer for many reasons, but the sunshine is my ride or die buddy. Peachy sunrises. Robust sunsets. The dappled light of the sun through leaves and flowers. Gah, it just does it for me. A photog with a good eye and a flare for the creative can really incorporate the sunlight in so many different ways to give your photos a vibrant feel. 

Reason #2 Longer Days

I'm still professing my love for the sun here, and maybe I'm stating the obvious, but, in the summer the days are literally longer. More daylight = more shooting time. More natural light. More time to be playful in your session. More, more, more! 

Reason #3 It's Not Yet Fall

Seems like everybody and their mama wants a family session in the fall. And I do get it. Pretty leaves, cozy sweaters, textured boots and hats. Perhaps you've started thinking about what image(s) to use on the holiday card this year. HOWEVER. In my humble opinion, not enough credit is given to the advantages of a summer session. Usually people have a bit more flexibility in their summer schedules to arrange sessions. The kids are home from school, and events don't feel as rushed. You got your sun-kissed skin glowing. And your summer wardrobe shows off your body in ways maybe your fall/winter wardrobe can't. 

What did I miss?

Consider booking your photography session while there's still time this summer, and get ahead of the fall crowd. There's a better chance you'll get the availability for your session exactly when you want to schedule.